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Learn & Upskill from Seasoned Experts 

Discover top talent in entrepreneurship and startup education for your events and programs.


Whether you need dynamic speakers, expert presenters, or skilled workshop facilitators, we connect you with the best in the industry.

Our network features seasoned professionals with proven success in guiding startups and providing insights into innovation, growth strategies, and more.


Partner with us to elevate your entrepreneurial initiatives with the expertise of industry leaders.

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What we do

We are the go-to destination for accessing specialised expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation.


We specialise in connecting you with the perfect person for your needs, whether you're seeking a coach or mentor for your venture or an experienced leader for a workshop at your organization or school. Whether it's an Entrepreneur in Residence providing guidance and inspiration, a dynamic program facilitator driving impactful sessions, or expert speakers and panellists in entrepreneurship, we match you with seasoned professionals.


Our network includes experts in innovation, the startup lifecycle—from inception to scaling—and closing startups, capital raising, human capability development, and sustainable growth.


Contact us today to discover the ideal fit for your needs.

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About Us

EverydayEntrepreneur365 was founded by Peta Ellis, a highly esteemed and experienced leader in the entrepreneurial landscape. With over 20 years of expertise in Business, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Marketing, Communications, and Media Relations, Peta has established herself as a trusted change navigator and community leader. Her extensive experience and dedication to fostering innovation make her an invaluable asset to the entrepreneurial community.

Peta created EverydayEntrepreneur365 because she believes that sharing skills is far more valuable than teaching entrepreneurship through traditional curriculum alone.


We are passionate about the power of circular skill transfer, where knowledge and experiences flow from one entrepreneur to another.


At EE365, we believe that founders can significantly shorten their learning curves by sharing the lessons they've gathered along the way.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs by facilitating the transfer of practical skills and lived experiences, fostering a community where everyone learns and grows together. Join us and become part of a dynamic ecosystem dedicated to continuous learning and innovation.

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