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Peta Ellis will provide keynote address at the  upcoming Alliance of Girls'​ Schools Australasia Twilight Networking event being hosted by Ipswich Girls'​ and Junior Grammar School

I am  looking forward to making the most of the opportunity to showcase some extremely impactful programs and initiatives that we have implemented at IGGS and the transformation it has had not only on the school, the students, but the broader community and stakeholders.

I also look forward to sharing a bigger vision around the opportunity for schools to become central community learning hubs of the future and why this is important.


Entrepreneurial parents are leading the change in schools

I've had the privilege of working with so many entrepreneurial people over the years from young innovators, to people making a mid life career pivot and beyond.

In the work I do with Ipswich Girls' Grammar as their EIR [Entrepreneur in Residence], one of the programs we run is for parents and carers connected to the school. It's a 10-module program that runs over 12 weeks and works with people who are interested in up-skilling, re-skilling, learning how to put their life skills to work and engage with entrepreneurship and innovation.


Strategic activations drive meaningful change and impact future generations

The future is in great hands.

Events like these are perfect activations for regions and communities that provide an inclusive framework, atmosphere and environment to encourage collective involvement.

It fosters true collaboration and has the ability to drive meaningful change which will impact the participants, the partners and the region well beyond the event.

QUT Ecosystem.jpeg

Getting Ship Done and planting seeds

We created a micro-ecosystem.

My past 10 years of experience growing a thriving ecosystem in Brisbane means that I can clearly identify the core elements of what it takes to kick off new initiatives, bring people together, make stuff work, and share stories.  

Ecosystems are complex, hungry beasts that often feel like an overfed Bear that is painfully needy of time, resources, attention, events, people, activity, energy and money that no one seems to have. It’s a thankless investment that is essential for change, for growth and most of all inclusion, education and impact.  Someone needs to plant the seeds, nurture them and play the long game.


Community coffee has nothing to do with coffee.

One of the hats I wear in my role at QUT is an Entrepreneur in Residence for QUT Entrepreneurship, and this week's recap is one worth sharing.

Our  QUT Entrepreneurship program for 2020 includes many structured programs, strategic eventslearning sessionsnetworking opportunities as well as unstructured community-building initiatives aimed to connect like-minded people, create time and space for human connection, and provide a place of belonging. 

The first two we hosted have been in the cafes at both campuses Kelvin Grove at Beadles and Gardens Point out the front of the bustling Merlo cafe

We name a time and place, the team shows up, we have our banner so people can find us, we wear our happy #GetShipDone t-shirts and wait for our community to show up.  

They always do, and we connect.

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