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The Founders Lounge Season 1 [Highlight Reel]

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

As a storyteller at heart, I'm super excited to get back to sharing insights into inspiring founder journeys.

In all the years I have worked with founders, entrepreneurs, innovators and business owners, self-promotion is constantly at the top of the list of things people wished they did better. My role in everything I do is to help people do this better.

A large part of the work I'm doing through EverydayEntrepreneur365 is sharing what is possible when you back yourself and have a go, while providing people the tools and support to start.

This new body of content [Founder's Lounge] is a series of interviews with people who have made a career pivot to start a new venture.

Series 1 is a collection of 7 interviews featuring mid-career pivot founders who share their entrepreneurial journey. From the early days, to first funding, failures, exits, and other lessons they've learned along the way.

These incredible women shared what it's like to put yourself on the line as a business owner, how to start when you don't have the skills, and why harnessing accumulated life experience is a perfect foundation to launch new ideas.

I hope you enjoy hearing from them as much as I enjoyed speaking with them.

SEASON 1 - Mid-Career Pivot Founders

You will hear from:

Tahina Booth FRSA Booth - Grass Skirt Project

Eleanor Carey - Post Traumatic Growth Weekly

Camille Socquet-Clerc - Bloom Impact Investing

Yasmin Grigaliunas - The World's Biggest Garage Sale

Jannah Dryden - J Create.

Cat Matson - Impactful Speakers

Jen Jeavons - Pixel Palace

Hosted by Peta Ellis

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