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Introducing our signature program: Upskillr

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Upskillr is for ambitious mid life founders looking for a career change or to step into the world of entrepreneurship as a lifestyle choice to gain greater flexibility, more autonomy and a willingness to upskill and reskill to boost their chances of success.


We know what it feels like to wonder if you have what it takes to do your own thing.

We know the feeling of wanting or needing to make a change to your work situation but can’t quite see the next steps.

In 10 weeks you will be have access to:

  • 10 modules of online content

  • Weekly live coaching + tailored guidance from experienced facilitator @petaonline

  • Access to world-class mentors

  • Weekly masterclasses from industry experts including; Accounting, Legal, Design, Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Ecommerce, HR, People & Culture, Publicity & Media, Investment, Grants & Funding, Global Expansion, HR and many more.

  • Group mentoring + live AMA ( ask me anything) sessions with Peta & Mentors

  • Monthly Entrepreneurs' Stories delivered live + access to previous recordings

  • Access to community of other mid-life founders just like you

  • Useful tips and techniques on how to navigate life, business & change

  • Useful templates and guides to save you time and make getting started so much easier

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