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Simone Joyce — FinTech Leader & Industry Advisor

Simone Joyce, co-founded Paypa Plane, a payment technology company designed to create a better-scheduled payments ecosystem for banks and payment service providers looking to rapidly evolve their product offerings. She is also on the Fintech Australia Board of Directors and sits on multiple other fintech committees. Her extensive experience and contribution to the industry have also led to several awards for her efforts.

Simone walked us through her process of entering the payment industry and building a company that now works with major banks in Australia. She shared her experience with developing a service, including struggles with outsourcing and securing clients despite being able to build a prototype.

She also talked us through how she manages a company in an industry with heavy regulations. Simone shared some advice with regard to upskilling, connecting with others, and mindfulness to maintain work-life integration.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Downsides to outsourcing from different countries

  • Trusting your hunches

  • Not being able to build an MVP

  • Managing compliance with regulations in the finance industry

  • The benefits of upskilling to build your confidence

  • Recognising your weak areas and acknowledge the need to upskill

  • The power of building networks in an industry you’re new to

  • Mindfulness to help with work-life integration

What are your plans in the future (beyond Paypa Plane)?

Farming, but under my terms. I want to farm ducks and seaweed.

That’s the ultimate goal.


“It’s hard to look at something and feel completely competent, but then you upskill, and you go ‘okay, I did that.’ And off you go, and you don’t stop. Being able to acknowledge when you’re at that time makes it easier to go, ‘I’m just learning at the moment, that’s okay, that’s what this is about.’” Simone Joyce, co-Founder of Paypa Plane

“Whatever it is you’re doing, just be there for that. Working on it is good, and it’s better than not working on it.” Simone Joyce, co-Founder of Paypa Plane

Connect with Simone here:

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