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Cat Matson — Balancing Life as a City Councilwoman, Business Owner, and Parent of Two

Cat Matson is the founder and lead facilitator of Impactful Presenters, an online program that empowers speakers to create and deliver impact through words. The course offers 9 modules filled with tips, tricks, and coaching on how to effectively deliver a speech or presentation, even on short notice.

The first half of the discussion focused on her extensive experience as a speaker, moderator, facilitator, and MC, and the skills she endows to others through her business. She also talked about driving change as the Manager of Economic and Community Development at the Ipswich City Council, and the decision to have a day job to enact change in her community.

Cat also shares how she juggles multiple responsibilities and prioritises them as she integrates work with her home life.

In this episode we cover:

  • Passion vs Enjoyment in entrepreneurship

  • Don’t turn your passion into your business

  • Find your craft

  • Tips for speaking when you have imposter syndrome and anxiety

  • Earn the right

  • Knowing your value

  • Be willing to get involved even if you don’t fit all the criteria for a role

  • Creating change in institutions

  • Achieving work-life integration

  • Don’t buy into the guilt of what you should or shouldn’t be doing

  • Tips for your first business idea – keep it simple

  • Find people you gel with

Do you have any advice for people who are wanting to start a business for the first time?

Keep it really simple, even simpler than a minimum viable product. I just did this three weeks ago, I did what I call a ‘founding members launch’ where I literally said “here’s what I’m thinking, this is what it would look like, this is what it would cost, who’s in?” I had 10 people sign up.

Nothing will hold you back from launching more than getting your logo perfect, than getting your website, and by that stage, you’ve dropped thousands of dollars into something that you don’t even know if people want yet.


“When we can’t articulate ourselves to other people, we also can’t articulate our value to ourselves.” Cat Matson, Founder of Impactful Presenters

“You can’t change the system by yelling from the outside.” Cat Matson, Founder of Impactful Presenters

“Even the most successful of things will eventually not be successful anymore, even the most powerful and fun of things will not exist at some point. Our jobs as human beings is to just keep navigating and rolling with it and learning what we can.” Cat Matson, Founder of Impactful Presenters

“The things that are shouldered on us, I think nine times out ten come from a place of old expectations and old constructs that haven’t caught up.” Cat Matson, Founder of Impactful Presenters

Connect with Cat here:

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