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Jannah Dryden — From Photography to Fintech Founder to Creative Director

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

In our discussion with Jannah, she shared her journey on how she built her well-respected professional profile in the photography industry, which became J Create the brand.

It's never an easy job; growing businesses, building brands, and managing family, so we asked Jannah how she navigates it all and, more importantly - how she transitioned from one business to another in completely different sectors.

In our interview, Jannah Dryden shares the experience of founding Album Registry, a service that productized professional photography into gifts for loved ones. We touch on the nitty-gritty details of moving from ideation and solving a problem in the industry to building a prototype, obtaining funding, and launching and growing a tech startup as a non-technical founder.

Like all business journeys, Jannah shares the roller coaster of chasing alignment and having hard conversations, including the one around her business viability and the reality of needing to shut it down and move in a new direction after a few years in operation.

Jannah is a great example of an everyday founder building entrepreneurial capability through relentless execution while developing a high level of business resilience through consistent output. Her ability to pivot both the business and her perspective while adapting the skills and mindset required along the way is a quality embedded in founders that last the distance.

Since recording this interview, Jannah has launched her new venture as founder and creative director at

In this episode, we cover:

  • How to build up personal and business skills when launching a new venture.

  • How to get started financially, when starting from scratch, the importance of getting a bookkeeper early and using online accounting software.

  • The necessity of building a Minimum Viable Product to gather feedback and meet customer needs.

  • How to financially supplement a new business idea.

  • How to navigate failed prototypes and loss of finances.

  • Why it's not a good idea to make hard decisions when you’re desperate for financial support – prioritise respect in a relationship, and don’t settle for less-favourable terms.

  • How to connect to the ecosystem as a regional founder

  • How to pivot ideas as soon as they feel redundant

  • Don't wait for things to die a natural death before wrapping them us; look for early signs and make the call.

  • How to be assertive as a female both in work and personal life.

Where is your favourite place in the world that you've been to?

Snowboarding in Japan.

Where would you like to visit the most but haven’t visited yet?



“If I had known what was in store, I probably wouldn’t have done it. So that beautiful naiveness, I think, is important in taking that first step.” Jannah Dryden, founder of J Create

“The reality is, when you build technology, it reaches a point where it becomes old, and you have to rebuild it. And rebuilding it takes resources.” Jannah Dryden, founder of J Create

“Find the community and surround yourself with people who have either been there before or tap into the knowledge base on offer in the network. ” Jannah Dryden, founder of J Create

“I highly recommend doing some sort of venture at some point to learn how to sell yourself simply. Acquire new skills and do them well enough to offer that as a service. Learning a skill that you can sell yourself on, I think, increases others' trust in your ability to execute."

Jannah Dryden, founder of J Create

“For the number of people you risk being ‘too much' for, it’s worth the risk for that small minority of people or anyone that appreciates you being upfront, speaking up, and asking for what it is that you want.” Jannah Dryden, founder of J Create

Connect with Jannah here:

J Create ( Photography) Yarner (Production Company)

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