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Meryl Johnston — Auditor & Lecturer turned Global Entrepreneur

Meryl Johnston is the founder and previous CEO of Bean Ninja, an accounting firm for 7-figure eCommerce brands that are looking to scale. Bean Ninja offers financial services covering bookkeeping, taxes, reporting, and strategic planning so that companies can focus on the growth of their companies. They also provide training courses for anyone looking to learn more about finance in an eCommerce business.

She shared with us the struggles she faced in scaling her own accounting firm and shared her learnings with us. We also discussed how restricting the client base can be beneficial for the company with employee upskilling and scaling, and how remote communication promotes efficiency.

Meryl is now a part-time advisor at Bean Ninjas and is focusing on finding her personal monopoly and exploring her areas of interest. She shared with us her tips on how she balances her time and manages her energy between responsibilities.

In this episode we cover:

  • Transitioning from corporate employee to self-employed consultancy

  • Issues with scaling a project-based business

  • Pivoting from service to product

  • How to narrow the clientele (niching)

  • Benefits of niching

  • Benefits of remote work & communication

  • Tools to facilitate remote communication

  • Personal monopoly – intersection of your skills, interests and personality

  • Network with peers and colleagues in your industry, not just to find clients

  • Be proactive

Where is your favourite place in the world, and why?

Macaronis Mentawai Surf Resort, Indonesia. It’s beautiful; has gorgeous sandy beaches, a lagoon, and some of the best surf in the world.

Where would you like to go to the most but haven’t visited yet?



“It’s very valuable to contribute to your profession as well, or the industry with your peers and colleagues, and not just to find customers.” Meryl Johnston, Founder of Bean Ninjas

“To read about things and research is easy, but to take action is hard.” Meryl Johnston, Founder of Bean Ninjas

Connect with Meryl here:

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