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Tace Clifford — From Fashion to Mum Life to Car Enthusiast to Media Mogul

Tace is the founder of Baby Drive, a car review website that offers advice on the most family-friendly vehicles, providing practical and honest information on car models for new and expanding families. She noticed a gap in the market where car reviews did not provide any information pertaining to space for child seats, reachability and usability of different features, and more.

Tace gave us some insight into how she started her business from identifying the problem, to its relevance and market need, to obtaining customer validation, to attending programs and developing a business model.

We discussed competing in a male-dominated industry, and alongside bigger parenting and car review sites. Tace shared with us how she diversifies and satisfies her consumer base. She also offers some advice as to how she maintains structure to balance a full-time job and full-time parenting.

Make sure to listen out for her favourite car models!

In this episode we cover:

  • Identifying a problem – gap in the market

  • Process of creating the business

  • Customer research and validation

  • The business model may not be what you expected

  • How to hold your own against well-funded organisations

  • Providing a female perspective in a male-dominated industry

  • Managing full-time work and parenting – you need a routine and structure when running a household and business at the same time

  • Sick kids and bad weather will always happen but the show must go on

  • Take one day at a time

  • Adapting to challenges

  • Goals will change, it’s okay to not have achieved your initial plan

  • Importance of marketing and PR

What do you wish you had learnt earlier?

Media Marketing. I would have focused more on relationship building as opposed to countless hours on site content when I should have been working on the business.


“It’s easy to criticise yourself when you start a business, ‘I should’ve done that’, but actually you work out when to do it at the right time.” Tace Clifford, Founder of BabyDrive

“That’s one of the things you learn about people you think are an overnight success, they’ve often had so many businesses”. Tace Clifford, Founder of BabyDrive

“The big picture that I had painted right at the beginning when I started this, I realised sometimes I criticise myself because I haven’t reached that yet but also that bigger picture has now changed. You know, that’s the other thing – to not beat yourself up about that.” Tace Clifford, Founder of BabyDrive

Connect with Tace here:

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